Formed in 1979, TÜV UK Ltd carved a niche in the British Industry by dealing with the growing demands for increased quality, safety, reliability and efficiency. TÜV UK is recognised and respected worldwide for its numerous inspection and certification services.

TÜV UK Ltd is member of the following organisations:
  • Safety assessment Federation (SAFed) and active in almost all its committees
  • European Confederation of Control, Inspection and Prevention Organisations (CEOC)
  • British Engineering Manufacturers Association (BEMA)

We were accredited for Certification of Quality Management Systems in 1995. The department implemented a targeted and success-orientated mannered system to face the requirements of UKAS to provide public confidence in the market place.

Our qualified experts who operate throughout the entire country are supported by the main office in South East London. Additionally the company can seek support and rely on the technical laboratories and research facilities of its Head Office TÜV Nord in Germany. The head office in Germany offers its services in more than 70 countries and employs over 14,000 people. TÜV UK Ltd operates within a worldwide network and is involved with several international projects in Republic of Ireland, Italy, China, India and the Middle East.

AMP House
Suites 27 - 29,
Fifth Floor
Dingwall Road,