Applying for an apprenticeship

When do you need to start applying for an apprenticeship?

Finding an apprenticeship job is very different to applying to 6th form, College or University. The jobs are not all advertised on one date and they do not all start in September. Jobs are advertised throughout the year on the Find an apprenticeship website. You will need to check the website regularly to view the different jobs available. Get in touch with us if you wish to find out more about our services.

What if I have already found a job?

If you already have an employer in place who has agreed to offer you an apprenticeship, they will need a training partner, this is where we step in. Please e-mail us for further details.

Found your dream apprenticeship but not ready to apply yet?

If you're not ready for an apprenticeship, but you see a job that you would love to apply for, make a note of the employer's name and contact details. Get in touch with them and see if they might be willing to offer you some work experience, a tour of their facilities or even to shadow an apprentice for a day. It will look great on your CV and there could be an apprenticeship opportunity in the future that you could apply for with them.

How do you find an apprenticeship?

By setting up an account you will be able to: –

Search and apply for the full range of apprenticeships –

Save your searches and set up alerts –

Apply on-line for jobs that interest you

  1. Go to 'Find an apprenticeship'
  2. Click on 'Create an account'
  3. Work your way through the on-line form
    • You will need the following:
    • Home address including postcode
    • Email address
    • Telephone number (mobile or landline)
    • To think of a password containing upper and lowercase letters, a number and at least 8 characters
  4. Activate your account by visiting your email account and clicking on the message from called SFA Apprenticeships – Activation Code
  5. Make a note of your 6-character code and return to the sign-in page of 'Find an apprenticeship'
  6. Log in to 'Find an apprenticeship'