At Bema and our partner Swatpro Academy, we collaborate with schools and employers having a vital part to play in preparing young people for future careers in engineering and to help them acquire general life skills with preparation for entry to the workplace.

We work to -

  • Support the applicant/ Learner through the recruitment process and interviewing skills.
  • Raise teacher and pupil awareness of the opportunities in the world of Engineering and engineering work-related curriculum.
  • Support the business community in its need to create a world-class competitive workforce for the future.
  • Improve schools understanding of what is happening within engineering by working with engineering employers and providers. This is achieved through invitations to employers to attend recruitment, career, and open evenings to update knowledge on facilities, equipment, and curriculum today offered by Swatpro Academy & them sharing information on the latest needs within the fast pace of engineering.
  • Increase opportunities for teachers and school career development staff to update their knowledge through working with Bema and Swatpro Academy.
  • Encourage and support applications for national awards such as Apprentice of the Year.

At Bema and Swatpro Academy, we work with SME Engineering employers in Bristol and the surrounding area in many different Engineering disciplines & endeavouring to meet the business needs for the modern-day apprentices is our aim.