Apprentice Workshop Technician - Level 3

Take on an apprenticeship at one of Bristol’s most prestigious employers and open a world of technical opportunities up.

The University of Bristol are seeking an apprentice Workshop Technician for their Science Faculty.

To undertake this job, you will study for a 4-year Advanced Machinist Technician Apprenticeship. Training is to be provided by regional specialists Swatpro Academy and in-house.

During the first 11 months you will be at Swatpro Academy’s BEMA Training Centre in Yate full time, with 4 days in workshop undertaking practical Level 2 Foundation Training and 1 day per week in the classroom.

After the first 10 months there will be a day release to BEMA for up to 3 years to complete a Level 3 Advanced Manufacturing Qualification.

At all other times you will be training at the University Workshops in Bristol where you will undertake training to achieve a competence-based qualification at Level 3 in Mechanical Manufacture. You will be supervised by skilled technical staff during your time in the workshops, and you will have a specific mentor to help guide you throughout your apprenticeship. You will also be required to attend training days and other training activities as part of a wider cohort of technical apprentices.

During this period, you will also achieve qualifications such as Functional Skills in Maths and English if required.

Technicians at the University of Bristol are critical in the delivery of cutting-edge research and teaching. Based in the University’s Science Faculty you will gain experience of supporting Academic Research and Teaching by machining and fabricating components and assemblies.

Much of our work is for ‘one-offs’ or adapting equipment for experimentalists; it can be novel and involve a variety of materials and techniques.

This apprenticeship aims to provide participants with the training opportunities to gain a broad range of manufacturing technical skills, so that once qualified candidates will be equipped to seek employment in a variety of specialist manufacturing workshops.

Completion of the Advanced Level Apprenticeship could lead to further qualifications or Higher Education.

Key duties and responsibilities include:

You will be trained to manufacture components using a variety of techniques including turning, milling, grinding, welding, and drilling by traditional hand-controlled methods as well as using CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines and CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. You will be taught to machine both metallic and composite materials in the support of fixtures, rigs, and assemblies to support the two fundamental activities of the university: Teaching and Research.

You will learn techniques for working with a variety of materials including metals, plastics, ceramics, and wood. You will learn basic electrical safety and theory.

Apprentices will complete the required training and development packages to pass the apprenticeship and keep a record of activities as a portfolio of evidence as required to meet the requirements of the apprenticeship. Apprentices will be responsible for adhering to safe workshop practice and ensuring they work in a way that also takes account of the safety of others.

Skills and qualifications desired:

Candidates should be enthusiastic and manually dexterous. A desire to work in engineering, evidence of engineering related experience either at school, college or as a hobby. They also should have a minimum of 5 GCSEs (or equivalent) to include Maths & English at Grade A* - C.

Before applying please check:

  • Confirm your ability to travel to and from home and this place of work
  • Have researched and found out general information about the university, the Faculty of Science, and the role of Workshop Technicians
  • Meet all the essential skills and qualifications requirements

Questions to be asked at interview:

1.Why do you feel the apprenticeship route is right for you?

2.What makes you want to become a machinist?


Year 1: £18018

Year 2: £18529

Year 3: £19623

Year 4: £21686

(subject to progress review)


For the first 11 months at BEMA Training Centre Monday to Thursday 8.15 am - 4pm and Friday 8.15am - 12.30pm

Then in year 2,3,4 as follows (TBC)

Monday- Thursday 8am-4.30pm and Friday 8am - 3.30pm.

Total hours per week: 35.00

Employer address:

University of Bristol, Beacon House, Queens Road, Bristol. BS8 1QU.

Please complete and return the application form as soon as possible, so that the initial assessments maybe completed and that your details can be circulated.

Potential start date: September 2022

Organisation name: Swatpro Academy, Yate, Bristol

Contact name: Bryan Young

Contact email:

Contact phone number: 01454 321356

Contact website:

Type: Apprenticeships

Salary: Year 1: £18018. Year 2: £18529. Year 3: £19623. Year 4: £21686 (subject to progress review)

Location: Yate, Bristol BS37 5JR

Deadline for completed applications: Thursday 30 June 2022

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