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Liam, engineering a bright future for himself

There is no better way to make your way in the world of engineering than with an apprenticeship at the BEMA Training Centre, near Bristol.

A young apprentice who is benefitting from Swatpro Academy’s training, at BEMA’s training centre (near Bristol), is Liam Pearce, 18.

In his first year of a four-year Engineering Technician Machinist (level 3) apprenticeship.

Liam is employed by Dyson, based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Liam said: “I left school and wanted to do something practical. I was doing painting and decorating. Then I did carpentry, but I wanted more technical skills. I felt the best thing was to get education and learn on the job, somewhere I could progress.”

Liam is enjoying the course and has set his sights high for progression within the industry.

“I’m building foundations for the work place. There are lots of opportunities with Dyson. I feel like I can present the idea of what I would like to do, when I have all the skills/experience. Dyson are keen for me to continue learning with an HNC and HND [after the apprenticeship]. Eventually, I’d like to move up into management, once I have the full understanding of the people (and their skills) I am managing.”

Liam notes that many of his friends who’ve taken the A-level routes after secondary school are stressed: “They do theory five days a week and get brain overload. I am a practical-based person. I’d say to others ‘put yourself in a position where you are happy, learning and earning and reaping the benefits of system’. You don’t have to do A-levels; apprenticeships aren’t rated as much as they should be and we need to change the perception. But an apprenticeship is working for me and unlike others, I have no debt.”

Swatpro Academy trains and supervises engineers on the four-year course at its well-equipped BEMA centre in Yate, near Bristol. Swatpro Academy is the south-west’s premier specialist training organisation, and trainers at BEMA have decades of experience in engineering and in education. Apprentices work on acquiring the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to pass the courses, plus assessors will make site visits and are able to advise trainees at their workplaces. If you want to step into an engineering career opportunity contact us now, we have vacancies with some of the best Engineering companies in the world.

 Liam, engineering a bright future for himself