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A job in Engineering is a result!

BEMA are the largest engineering trade association in the South West of England. We train some of the best, next-generation engineers, working with leading engineering companies in the UK.

Here are three great reasons to consider a career path in Engineering.

1. Engineering skills are transferable.

There are many paths engineering can lead you down, it is a widely diverse profession to choose. Whatever type of engineering you specialise in, your work will focus on solving complex problems – a useful skill that is highly sought after in all sorts of industries. If you ever wanted to switch careers or industries – your engineering experience would prove very useful.

2. Engineering skills are in high demand

Given the huge developments in technology, science, and computing, engineers will be in high demand over the coming decades, and they currently have one of the lowest unemployment rates in any of the major sectors. Engineering is one of the most in-demand careers today.

3. Pay, conditions and job progression are good

High demand also means that Engineering job conditions, and the chance to progress, are very good.

Want to find an apprenticeship in Engineering that works for you? Call us on 01454 321356 or email us.

A job in Engineering is a result!