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Contracts of Employment

With the current legal requirement that all of your staff must have terms and conditions of employment within two months of joining, BEMA can help you, with the aid of QualitySolicitors Burroughs Day, to provide your Contracts of Employment. The contract is constructed through the use of a questionnaire which then provides a standard contract for all members of the company with blank areas for such things as Name & Address, Job Title, Start Date, and Remuneration. For the cost of this service please contact the office.


Employees Handbooks

BEMA can also provide you with your own individualised Staff Handbook. The handbook will cover areas that the contracts of employment don't generally cover. This can be tailored to your requirements and will be a one off payment and is usually done in conjunction with your "Contract of Employment".


Dispute Resolution

When an independent and impartial body is required to listen to both sides of a dispute, BEMA will aim, with the help of both parties to reach an acceptable solution without having to take the matter further than the confines of the company.


Disciplinary Hearings

BEMA will help the company conduct and record all forms of disciplinary hearings so that if disciplinary procedures are required then a fair process has been followed in accordance with the three step guide lines. We can also listen to any appeals that the employee has a right to request following a disciplinary hearing.


Grievance Procedures

As and when the needs arise for an impartial party to help resolve "Grievance" issues then BEMA, with its understanding of the process will be an invaluable asset.

BEMA can help you with "Mediation" on matters both internal and external to the company.