J J Castings Investments (Heat Treatment) Ltd

Caerphilly Business Park
Van Road
CF83 3EL
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JJ Castings Investments (Heat Treatment) Ltd or (“JJ.Castings”) as we are commonly known is a family run business which specialises in the heat treatment of metals. J.J Castings has been established for 50 years, latterly operating from freehold premises in Caerphilly. The company is engaged in the surface treatment of metal components. Material costs are low, but heaviy investment in capital equipment is required. In some departments we have the most extensive facilities available in the U.K. Processes employed include:- Induction Hardening, Furnace Work, Plasma Nitriding and P.V.D Coating. We are approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Coatings  Commenced in 1983, coatings available include: Titanium Nitride, Titanium Aluminium Nitride, Chrome Nitride. Maximum length 1m approx. Max Diameter 1m approx. Lowest coating temperature 250deg C approx. The coatings are applied to all sorts of tools, knives, for motor sports, surgical parts and food equipment and are also used for decorative applications. 
Heat Treatment   
Heat Treatment - Induction Hardening  J.J Castings handles a huge variety of components. We cater for 1 off, as well as mass production orders for the automotive industry. The max length we can induction Hardened vertically is 7000mm. The largest diameter to date is a tube 1205 mm outside diameter, 1116mm inside diameter, 2200mm long. The smallest diameter would be 6mm to 8mm. Generators ranged from 25kw 450kHz to 1000kw 3kHz. 
Heat Treatment - Plasma Nitriding The first Plasma Nitriding facility to be installed in the UK. Max height furnace - 5900mm x 1100mm diameter. Items can be suspended or stood vertically. Max diameter furnance - 2000mm x 2000mm high. Smallest furnace - 500mm diameter x 750mm approx.
Stress Relieving All furnaces are extremely accurate being electrically fired and computer controlled. Max temp 900 deg C to 1000 deg C. Some quenching facilities. Max length furnace - 9900mm long x 3900mm wide x 2500mm high 40 tonnes load. Maximum height furnaces - 3300mm high x 3300mm wide x 5100mm long 20 tonnes load. Smaller furnaces down to 500mm x 500mmx 500mm approx.

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